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Unhappy with Your Old Breast Implants? We Can Help

It’s fairly common to decide you’ve changed your mind about your breast implants no matter how long you’ve had them. Whether you have an actual issue with them or you’ve just had a change in your tastes and preferences, you have options. We offer breast implant revisions to ensure you’re happy with your look, even if you didn’t have your surgery done with us before. Here are some common reasons many people decide to have a breast implant revision procedure.

1. Implant Malposition

One common reason for an implant revision is that the implants have shifted inside the breast pocket away from the intended area. This is known as implant malposition, which can generally be seen based on the appearance of the breasts. During implant revision, your doctor can reposition the implants back to their original placement before tightening the breast pocket to ensure they stay in place.

2. Asymmetry

Breasts being asymmetrical is common in nature and with breast implants. However, if you have the power to change it, why wouldn’t you? If your breasts were asymmetrical before your original procedure it’s possible that they’ve now become even more pronounced. But don’t worry, it’s a fairly easy fix. Your doctor may switch out one or both of your implants for different sizes to offset the difference and create a more symmetrical look.

3. Implant Size

It’s also possible that there aren’t any issues with your implants other than your own desire to change the size you wanted earlier. This can either mean sizing down as you’ve gotten older or realizing maybe you should’ve gone larger in your initial procedure. Either way, you can discuss your new goals with your doctor in your consultation to make sure you get the size you’re looking for now.

4. Implant Type

Finally, you may want to change your type of implant to newer material. One example is the gummy bear-style implants that are on the market now may not have been around when you had your procedure done the first time around. Or if you had saline maybe now you want to try silicone. No matter the material, we’d be happy to work with you to make sure your implants are exactly what you want.
If you’re unhappy with your current implants and would like to discuss your options for a revision procedure, give our office a call today. We’d love to discuss this or any other procedure we offer with you.

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