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What are facial implants?

If you are thinking you would like to make some changes to your appearance, you may be wondering which is better for you – plastic surgery or dermal fillers. However, these are not your only options! Read on to discover how a facial implant could be just what you need to give you the look you desire. 

What does a facial implant procedure involve?

A facial implant can give your cheeks, jaw, or chin – and thus the face – a whole new look, with new contours and definition exactly where you want it. 

Facial implants may either be made of a synthetic material (soft silicone) or they can be the patient’s own fat (known as “fat grafting”). This fat comes from an area such as the thighs or stomach. You and your doctor will decide which one is right for you, as each procedure can be used to achieve a different look and a different cosmetic surgery goal. 

Fat grafting helps to restore lost volume in the face. It is typically used for hollow areas under the eyes, saggy jaws, cheeks that are too fat, and in the area between the nose and the lips or between the lips and the chin. It has a very natural appearance, and is very safe to use with no chance of rejection because it comes from the patient’s own body. Silicone implants are used to improve the contour of the face. They can help patients who want more prominent cheekbones or who feel that their chin is small or their jaw looks too weak. 

Both of these procedures are done on an outpatient basis, and they are performed relatively quickly. Patients generally report that these procedures aren’t very painful, although there may be some swelling and bruising afterward (a simple ice compress can help with the swelling). 

Fat and silicone implants can be placed precisely where needed to give your face definition and balance. You’ll see dramatic results that you’ll love! If you are interested in facial implants, call the Plastic Surgery Center of Southern New England, in Fall River. Call (508) 567-3202 for a consultation today!

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