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I’m no longer happy with my buttock augmentation—can I ever go back to a “normal” bum?

I have watched the buttock augmentation frenzy of the past several years with a bit of concern over the long term effects of the procedure. While many patients have excellent results, what about several years down the road. What if patients no longer like the very augmented look, or there is scarring, firm areas of dead fat, a lot of dimpling or irregularity, or gravity simply takes its toll and the glutes droop? One thing we can all count on is that our bodies change over the years, and areas that have been operated on change more unpredictably. Another major concern for me has always been that there may come a time when the very “enhanced” appearance is not in style anymore, because unlike changing your clothes to keep up with the times, it isn’t nearly as easy to reverse surgery.
If you have had a BBL and are hoping to return to a less augmented appearance, finding a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is a good place to start. Be prepared to be told that there’s no easy fix, and that most likely it will be challenging to go back to a smaller bottom and that there will always be some lasting effects of the previous operation(s). The correction will most likely involve more than one technique, like liposuction including energy based devices like VASER ultrasonic lipolysis and a treatment to tighten the skin like Renuvion or BodyTite. None of these will be perfect and may require many stages. There may be a need to remove loose or scarred buttock skin or underlying scar tissue and this may require an open procedure. The most important thing to understand is that it will be a process, but the right plastic surgeon should have the ability to guide you through it in a safe manner.
If BBL reversal is something you have been thinking about, give us a call at 508-567-3202 to set up a consultation to explore your options.

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