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Why You Should Choose a Plastic Surgeon For Mole Removal

Depending on your skin type and your family history of skin cancer, you may see your dermatologist every year or two for a skin cancer check. During these checks, dermatologists look for abnormal moles, and if they find anything, they will remove them for a biopsy. Although removing moles may be critical in identifying cancerous and non-cancerous moles, they can leave scars on your face and your body. Here at our office, we specialize in a variety of different facial procedures, including mole removal. But why may you want to hire us to remove your mole rather than have your dermatologist do it?

We Have Different Techniques

Dermatologists have spent years specializing in a variety of different dermatological conditions, while we have spent years specializing in plastic surgery. Our plastic surgeons have training in a variety of techniques, including making specific types of incisions and stitches to help minimize the appearance of scarring. While a dermatologist may slice off your mole, we will typically plan out a way to remove it to give you minimal scarring. Although our techniques aren’t foolproof, they are less likely to give you large or noticeable scarring.

The Mole Is Close to Your Eye

Another reason why you may want to consider having a plastic surgeon remove your mole rather than your dermatologist is if the mole is on your eye or around it. Our techniques allow us to either freeze off the moles surgically remove it while keeping the delicate tissues around it intact.

We Can Send It Off

After we remove your mole, we can send it off to the same lab that your dermatologist would. Although our main concern is removing the mole in a discrete way, our other concern is ensuring that your dermatologist gets all of the test results needed.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you should have your mole removed by your dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, schedule a consultation with us at our office. Call out Fall River office today: (508) 567-3202.

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