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3 Things an Abdominoplasty Can Do For You

If you feel like you are dreading summer more than anything because you don’t have the same taut stomach that you used to, then you may wonder how you’ll ever get into a swimsuit in public (especially in a bikini). What if we told you that with an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) we can correct a variety of issues? But what exactly? Let’s take a closer look.

Reposition Abdominal muscles

If you have gone through one or more pregnancies then you are well aware of how much damage it can wreak on your body; especially your abdomen. Sometimes, abdominal muscles can stretch and separate, which can leave the stomach less flat and not as strong. During an abdominoplasty, we will reposition the abdominal muscles to how they were pre-pregnancy, which will not only look better but can also strengthen your core.

Get Rid of Excess Skin

The skin is a fantastic organ, and although it will go back to its original position after pregnancy or weight loss for some people, not everyone is that lucky. One of the main reasons why patients come in to get an abdominoplasty is to get rid of extra tummy skin. During your abdominoplasty, we won’t just get rid of excess skin, but we will move and tighten the skin on the stomach so that it is tighter and more youthful appearing.

Get Rid of Stubborn Fat

An abdominoplasty itself can get rid of stubborn fat in the front of the tummy, but when we do it in conjunction with liposuction (which is often), we can also sculpt the waist, lower back, and flanks. In your consultation we help you figure out if this will work for you, and we never try to persuade you to do extra things you don’t need.

Whether weight loss, surgery, lifestyle changes, or pregnancy has left you with a belly that bothers you, then an abdominoplasty may do the trick. To learn more, contact our Fall River office at (508) 567-3202.

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