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7+ Botox Facts!

Have you noticed a few more wrinkles and lines when you look in the mirror? Over time it happens to us all. Those face creams that you buy at the grocery store can only do so much; are you thinking that it may be time for Botox? Here are 7+ Botox facts you should know!

The low-down on Botox

  1. Botox has been in use for decades. Besides cosmetic purposes, it can also help with medical issues such as chronic migraines, bladder problems, and even strabismus (eyes that point in different directions).
  2. Botox is made from the botulinum toxin, which may not sound very pleasant to have injected into your body. However, it is very safe when used correctly. Botox blocks the signals between the muscles and the nerves. This prevents muscles from contracting, which relaxes wrinkles.
  3. The procedure for getting Botox only takes a few minutes – many patients have it done on their lunch hour. You should avoid strenuous activities after your Botox treatment, but you can get back to your other regular activities as soon as you leave your doctor’s office.
  4. You’ll start to notice a difference in your skin in a few days, but it might take as long as 2 weeks before you really start to see the effects. You can get more Botox when the effects wear off, usually in about 6 months.
  5. Patients report that Botox is painless and the injections only feel like a little pinch.
  6. You can have other procedures done along with your Botox, such as dermal fillers. Discuss with your doctor about the results you would like to see so that he or she can go over all of your options.
  7. You may have some bruising for a few days after your injections, but this is normal and will fade.

Botox is less invasive (with less hassle and much less downtime) than a face lift, and the results are much more dramatic and noticeable than wrinkle cream. If you are interested in Botox, contact Plastic Surgery Center of Southern New England in Fall River for a consultation. Call (508) 567-3202 today!.

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